I love music, It’s one of my earliest memories and I’ve always been fascinated by the endless number of possibilities it has to offer. Trying to uncover it’s secrets I’ve found myself lost within it’s colors, playing various instruments and styles and learning everything I could about how songs are written and it’s different types of musical arrangements. As a tech fan, I quickly fell in love with music production and recording studios, where I found a very demanding profession that presented a challenge I couldn’t refuse.

Through the years I’ve been lucky to work in a lot of different projects that have helped me improving my craft, slowly becoming a professional with a versatile profile and solid skills whether I’m in the studio or on stage, singing and performing with different bands, as musical director for ensembles and musical theater companies, writing music for commercials, TV shows and theater plays and producing and mixing other artists songs. Being involved in different projects and getting to know new styles of music are some of the things I enjoy the most about my job, constantly learning and being able to use the elements and production tricks found in the last trends without forgetting the great techniques from the past.

I would like to help you shaping your ideas, connecting with consistency every step in the creative process between songwriting and mixing, taking care of every detail here in my studio or anywhere you want to create a product able to express through music everything you imagine.

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